Bulk Billing

Dr Ash Rahman provides bulk billing for all patients that hold a current medicare card.

Dr Corbett-Jones, Dr Kapuwatte, Dr Naidu, Dr Anh Tran & Dr Vidya Murugiah provide bulk billing for eligible patients only.

Eligible patients for bulk billing

  • Under 16 years of age
  • A person who holds and is eligible for a current health concession card, pension card
  • Holders of a DVA Gold Card / White Card (specific conditions).

If a current card cannot be produced you will be required to pay our normal “Pay on the Day” fee.


  • Level A Consultation  $37.00 up to $41.00
  • Level B Consultation  $75.00 up to $83.00
  • Level C Consultation  $110.00 up to 152.00

Workers Compensation

  • Level B Consultation up to $86.00
  • Level C Consultation up to $158.00

Workers Compensation patients must provide a valid claim number each time they present for a consultation. Until a claim is accepted and the number registered, the patient is required to pay for the consultation on the day

Vaccination Fees

  • Boostrix $45.00
  • Flu Vaccination $20.00
  • Hep A $110.00
  • Hep B $25.00
  • Twinrix $90.00
  • Yellow fever $115.00
  • Typhim – VI – Typhoid $55.00
  • Vivaxim $170.00

Non attendance & Cancelling appointments

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment you must provide at least 2 hours notice so that we can make the appointment time available to other patients.

  • Patients who fail to attend OR who provide insufficient notice of cancellation will be charged a nonattendance fee of $50.
  • The non-attendance fee is not claimable through Medicare Australia and patients will not be able to make another appointment until the fee has been paid in full.

Please speak with the reception staff for more detailed fee information.

Information Regarding Fees

Based on the service provided, including content, time and guidelines set by the A.M.A., different fees do occur for a wide variety of consultations and procedures. Loxley House Family Practice has a combination of Private and Bulkbill Services.

All patients are expected to pay a private fee unless they provide Reception with the details of the Pension or Health Care Card.

A standard consultation may vary from $39.10 to $83.00. We ask for payment on the day. We accept cash, cheque and have EFTPOS facilities. Accounts that are not settled on the day will incur a $5.00 administration charge.