The Doctors in this practice undergo regular post-graduate studies and work together in a nationally Accredited Family Practice. The Doctors work as Associates at Loxley House Family Practice sharing the care of all our patients. The services provided are wide-ranging with the Doctors having special areas of interest:


Dr Jonathan Corbett-Jones
General counselling, Anxiety and Depression, Family medicine, Adolescent health and Mental illness.




Dr Sanjaya Kapuwatte
Minor surgery and procedures, Muscular and Orthopaedics and general Family Medicine.




Dr Damyanti Naidu
Psychological medicine, Women’s and children’s health, long term care and general Family Medicine.




Dr Lalana Kapuwatte
Adolescent Health, Women’s and children’s health and Family Medicine.




Dr Vinod Prasad
Emergency Medicine, Family and General Health and Paediatrics.

our team


Anne McAlary
Registered Nurse

Kaye Grant
Enrolled Nurse

Maddison Stephens
Endorsed Enrolled Nurse

Practice Manager

Sonya Sewell

Administration Staff

  • Donna
  • Teagan
  • Dymity
  • Aileen
  • Lisa
  • Linda